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Cairns Library Most Popular In Sunshine State


Cairns Library.  Image Credit: Frances Adcock

It has been revealed that the Cairns Library is the most popular one to visit in Queensland.  

According to the State Library of Queensland’s annual Statistical Bulletin, more than 955,000 visits were recorded between 2017 and 2018.  

That's 5.9 visits per capita and well above Redland Library with 3.96 visits per capita and Townsville at 3.03.

Cairns Libraries loaned over 1.1 million items, with an active membership base totalling 41 per-cent of the population.

Close to one million people have visited the library in just one year and they're not just book lovers. 

Councillor Cathy Zeiger said the 1 million visitation rate is an "accurate figure".  She said they are also number one for IT use.

She said they want to break the mould of people thinking you have to be quiet while visiting a library to read a book. Cr Zeiger said it's not like that anymore.

"Yes we've got books, but you can also access them online" she said.  

Cr Zeiger said they also offer loads of school holiday programs and have one focusing on 'comics' coming up this month. The Taipans are involved in library programs from time to time.

In some not so good news, total membership across Queensland is down 1.4 per-cent to a little under 2 million.  

Total visits to libraries across Queensland have fallen by 2.3 per-cent while the total number of loans is down two per-cent to little more than 35 million.  

By Michelle Price