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Thief Accused Of Assaulting Elderly Man In His Own Home

A thief is accused of assaulting an elderly man after he broke into his home in Bungalow.  

The 40-year-old from Aeroglen broke into the property on Barry Street on June 10 and stole some alcohol.  

The same man is accused of returning to the home the following day and breaking a garage gate to get into the underneath area of the home.

The 75-year-old resident was sleeping under the house when the man entered.  He woke, switched on a light and grabbed his mobile phone to call police.

It’s alleged the 40-year-old slapped the man’s hand and knocked the phone from his grasp running off with a carton of beer.

The 75-year-old wasn't injured.

The 40-year-old is scheduled to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on July 1.