20-year-old Victorian Lad Wins $5 Million from Lotto Ticket he Forgot about!

May 15, 2024 1:41 pm in by

In an astonishing turn of events, a young man from Maribyrnong, Victoria, has landed a whopping $5 million from a Lotto ticket he almost forgot about. The victor, in his twenties, originally bought the ticket on a whim, thinking it’d make for a good laugh. Little did he realize, this bit of spontaneity at a local shopping center would dramatically change his life. Discovering he was one of the lucky winners of the TattsLotto draw 4467 wasn’t instant; it took him a few days post-draw, given the ticket wasn’t registered to his player card.

It was only after a routine day at work, three days later, that he decided to check his ticket, leading to a series of incredulous re-scans. “It was sheer disbelief at first,” he shared, still trying to wrap his head around the monumental win. “It’s just crazy.” Despite the newfound wealth, he’s planning to stick to his job but is eyeing a future filled with personal milestones, including marriage, a first home, and setting up a foundation for a future family.

This remarkable story began at Nextra Highpoint, a newsagent within a shopping center in Maribyrnong, where the lucky ticket was purchased. The store’s owner, Raj Parbhakar, expressed his excitement over selling a division one ticket, noting the positive vibe it has brought to the store.

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For those dreaming of their jackpot moment, hope abounds with upcoming draws like Thursday’s Powerball and Tuesday’s Oz Lotto, holding promises of $100 million and $30 million respectively.