Chewing Gum for 30 Minutes May Lead to Fewer Cravings and Weight Loss

March 13, 2024 12:39 pm in by

Move over Ozempic, there’s a new weight loss trick in town, and it’s surprisingly minty fresh. According to dietitian Abbey Sharp, chewing gum for just 30 minutes might be the answer to curbing those cravings without any needles or side effects.

It turns out that chewing gum can trigger the release of the same “appetite-suppressing” hormone as Ozempic. Abbey revealed on TikTok that this simple act stimulates GLP-1 in the gut, which is responsible for reducing appetite, similar to the effects of the wonder drug.

@abbeyskitchen Replying to @ryennebe Is CHEWING GUM the OG OZEMPIC?! #weightloss #chewinggum #weightlosshacks #ozempicweightloss #glp1forweightloss ♬ original sound – Abbey Sharp
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Research also suggests that gum chewers tend to feel fuller for longer and experience fewer food cravings. However, Abbey warned against replacing meals with gum, emphasizing that it’s not a magical hunger-stopper.

While we shouldn’t jump to chew gum all day instead of eating, a 2006 British study found that prolonged gum chewing before a meal led to consuming about 40 fewer calories. So, if you’re a gum enthusiast, perhaps it’s time to embrace this minty ally to help you lose a few extra kgs.