Townsville Man Wins $60K On Keno



(Image supplied by Keno)


A Townsville man has walked away with more than just some down time over the weekend after a cheeky Cairns escape, pocketing a Keno prize of $60,000.
He scored nine numbers on his 10 Spot entry yesterday. 
Keno confirmed his win this afternoon, with the Townsville man describing his shock at realising he was a winner.
“It’s quite surprising! It’s good actually,” he laughed.
“It’s a bit out of the blue. I don’t usually play Keno that much so this is just crazy.
“I didn’t see the draw and it was as I went to leave that I checked my ticket. That’s when I found out I had won.
“I actually marked my entry. I just picked all the lucky numbers they had listed on the screen.
“I’m sort of still taking it all in. It’s a bit hard to believe.
“I was just in Cairns for the weekend for a bit of a break so this is definitely the icing on the cake.”
The Townsville man admitted he had yet to decide how he might use his Keno fun money, but said it would come in handy for some future overseas adventures.