Too Real! Police Called on Realistic Halloween Display

A Texas man, who has been decorating his home for Halloween for the past six years has had some attention from the police this year, with his display being a little too realistic! 😱

On request by some of his neighbours, artist Steven Novak said his neighbours always saw him working on his projects outside and had asked him to do something for Halloween.

Novak said the decorations started off simple, with ghosts and fog machines, and “slowly evolved into the hyperreal scene it is now.”

In the too realistic scene, the artist has several bloodied bodies placed on his front yard, with one even on the roof. With blood and severed body parts everywhere, it’s understandable why some people would have thought it was a real crime-scene!

The Dallas Police Department were called to the home after complaints were made about the display. Luckily Novak said there was no citation and police told him he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He even said, “They took pictures, they thought it was great.”

In an interview with CBSDFW, Novak said about his display:

"I like seeing the reaction I get out of people, I don’t mind upsetting people a little bit and it’s just funny..."

What do you think? Is it too real or is it funny like the artist intended?