Here's Where to Follow The 2021 Bachelorettes Vying For Jimmy's Heart!

meet your bachelorettes

Introducing your 2021 Bachelorettes! As the latest season of The Bachelor takes off, it's time to meet the ladies vying for our newest bachelor, Jimmy Nicholson's heart.

The 31-year-old airline pilot is a self-confessed romantic and is set to find love on his greatest adventure yet. Keep reading to meet the 23 contestants looking for love!

Annabelle, 28, Medical Equipment Installer, NSW

Ash, 34, Dance Teacher, Queensland 

Ashleigh, 28, Speech Pathologist, Victoria

Belinda, 29, Criminal Lawyer, Queensland

Brooke, 27, Occupational Therapist, Victoria


Carlie, 33, Corporate Lawyer, Victoria 

Chanel, 34, Flight Manager, NSW

Elena, 33, Personal Trainer, NSW

Hannah, 26, Registered Nurse, NSW

Holly, 27, Marketing Manager, NSW

Jacinta, 29, Executive Recruiter, Victoria

Jay, 31, Nutritionist, NSW 

Laura, 28, Speech Pathologist, South Australia

Lauren, 29, Office Administrator, South Australia

Lily, 23, Crane Operator, Victoria

Madison, 24, Marketing Coordinator, Victoria

Rebekah, 27, Youth Support Worker, NSW

Sierah, 28, Technical Analyst, Victoria

Stephanie, 27, Business Development Manager, Western Australia

Stevie, 29, Hair Stylist, Queensland

Tahnee, 27, Corporate Travel Manager, Victoria

Tamlyn, 25, Customer Service Officer, NSW

Tatum 26, Company Director, Queensland

Image Credit: (TheBachelorAU / Facebook)