Big Brother 2022: Back to The Future, Leaked Cast of Returning Housemates

Big Brother Australia will celebrate its 21st birthday in 2022 with an all-star cast, themed “Back to The Future”. The 2022 season will see former favourite housemates including previous winners compete against each other and brand new housemates. With the announcement of the new season and filming rumours, some of the cast may have already been leaked.

Inside Seven’s, Upfront 2022 presentation revealed the exciting new season with a trailer teasing the return of past housemates. The trailer which plays flashbacks of some of the most notable housemates has Big Brother himself teasing who will return. He says in the trailer:

"21 years ago, I invited my first housemates into my game, in 2022, Big Brother is going back to the future. Housemates of the past are re-entering my house."

According to the teaser, the returning housemates will complete with 12 brand new housemates, with Big Brother revealing:

"They will come face to face, with 12 brand new housemates. You won’t believe who’s been knocking on my door, dying to come back in. Wait until you see who I have coming back."

The montage includes clips of housemates such as Sara-Marie Fedele, Peter Timbs, Estelle Landy, Trevor Butler, Layla Subritzky, Jessica Hardy, Nathan “Marty” Martin, Tully Smyth, Anthony Drew, Ben Williams, Blair McDonough, Reggie Bird, Chrissie Swan, Ryan Fitzgerald, Merlin Luck, David Graham and Tim Dormer.

So Dramatic! revealed a rumoured leaked cast with six names, including Big Brother winners Reggie Bird (2003), and Tim Dormer (2013). Tim also appeared on the Canadian version of Big Brother in 2016, so this will be his third time ever competing in the Big Brother house. Also tipped to make a return are season nine contestants Estelle Landy and Layla Subritzky. 2006’s farmer Dave Graham is also named in the list.

Big Brother Australia 10 contestant Tully Smyth has also been speculated, further backed up by her absence on social media now production of the latest series has reportedly begun. She wrote on Instagram:

BRB, taking a break from social media to be this happy IRL.

TTYL, ILY. ✌🏼💘

It appears filming will happen over the next twelve weeks with the season premiering in 2022, after the latest season of Big Brother VIP which will air in November 2021.  Called the ‘biggest and noisiest show in the history of reality television’, the series will see the Big Brother house turned into a hotel for a line-up of celebrities. The celebrity line-up includes Bernard Curry, Caitlyn Jenner, Daniel Hayes, Dayne Beams, Ellie Gonsalves, Imogen Anthony, Jessika Power, Josh Carroll, Luke Toki, Matt Cooper, Omarosa and Thomas Markle Jr. 

Image Credit: (Inside Seven / Upfront 2022)