Working Class Stumble - Jimmy Barnes Falls Through Stage

Guy Sebastian and Jimmy Barnes By DianeSunshineCoast Own work CC BY SA 3\

Jimmy Barnes and Guy Sebastian By DianeSunshineCoast - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Jimmy Barnes is recovering after a stumble on stage landed him in Hospital.

The rock icon had been performing at the Mt Isa Rodeo on Sunday night when it's believed one of his legs went through a gap between two platforms on stage. 

The 62-year-old wound up with a deep cut and bruising on his thigh but he kept on keeping on and managed to finish the set. 

Townsville’s Leanne Seaton was in the crowd and told News Corp she saw the singer fall mid-song.

“He kept going as Barnsey does and finished the concert,” she said.

“(It) looked pretty painful but he just kept moving around on it best he could while the band played on … he continued singing after a short pause and limped around for a bit but by the next song he seemed fine and back to himself.”

Paramedics were waiting when he finally walked off stage.

It is hoped Jimmy will recover in time to walk the red carpet at the premiere of his movie Working Class Boy in Melbourne on Thursday night.

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