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Tune in each weekday morning for your chance to play the Game With No Name!

Be one of the two selected callers through when Dave and Inkie give you the cue-to-call and you'll get the chance to play.

Inkie will chuck in some questions such as "name an item in your fridge" or "name an item you find in a classroom" and so on, starting with a specific letter.

Get 3 answers right before your contestant does and you win a $100 dinner voucher to use at Balaclava Hotel or Smithfield Tavern.

So if you're up for a challenge in the Game With No Name hot seat, listen to us weekday mornings from 5:30am!

Game With No Name - Thanks to Graziers Steak House at the Balaclava Hotel, the Smithfield Tavern and Star102.7.