Rangers safety plea for Josephine Falls visitors

November 18, 2022 7:02 am in by


Rangers are urging people to stop ignoring warning signs and safety barriers after a person recently fell about five metres at Josephine Falls.

Every year, thousands of visitors enjoy the waterfalls in the national parks near Cairns and Innisfail.

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But, rangers and emergency services have had to people who ignored the signs and sustained serious injuries, and there have been tragic cases when fatalities have occurred.

Ranger-in-Charge Leigh Willis from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service says the signs are there for a reason, and should not be ignored.

“The safety of visitors and our staff in our national parks is our number one priority,” Ranger Willis says.

“We have investigated the recent incident, and it is alleged that the person fell from a restricted access area and they are incredibly lucky to have avoided serious injury or death.”

The top pool of Josephine Falls has been identified as a high-risk area due to recurring incidents and was closed to the public several years ago to help keep people safe.

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“Although people have died here, and others have been seriously injured, many visitors believe it won’t happen to them, and they ignore warning signs and safety barriers to get the perfect selfie for likes on social media,” Ranger Willis says.

“We are asking people to stop and think about the price they could pay for that selfie, which could be a fine, life-changing injuries or worse.”

Rangers can issue fines of $431 for people who disobey warning signs.


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