Fortnite Adds LEGO Star Wars for May the 4th

May 2, 2024 4:54 pm in by
Lego Fortnite Star Wars

LEGO® Fortnite | Star Wars begins May 3 with the v29.40 update! In this update, the Rebellion and Galactic Empire will rift into your LEGO Fortnite world. The Empire won’t be coming in peace, but the Rebels will!

Help the Rebels survive by building up the Rebel Village and using tools like Lightsabers, DL-44 Blasters, and Thermal Detonators to deal with any foes you may encounter.

While aiding the Rebellion, make progress in the LEGO Pass: Rebel Adventure which has free and premium rewards inspired by Tatooine!

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Start Your Rebel Adventure

The Galactic Empire is in hot pursuit of a band of Rebels, who need your help! The Empire and Rebels are unknowingly heading to a rift to your world, which will lead them to a new island in your world. This island will stick around even after v29.40!

Rebellion Buildin’

Before investigating the Empire crash site, you should check on your Rebel allies. You’ll receive a pair of Macrobinoculars after the crash, which will point you to the Rebel Village! This rinky-dink shelter on “Star Wars Island” needs your help becoming a full-on Rebel headquarters.

The Rebel Village can level up all the way to Level 10. How to level it up? Complete objectives like supplying resources and constructing Rebel buildings!

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If you plan to become a local hero, don’t worry about saying goodbye to your Rebel neighbors anytime soon — the Rebel Village will remain beyond v29.40!

Crash the Crash Site

Be warned — the crash of the Empire’s Star Destroyer isn’t the Empire’s end. Instead, the Empire will try to make your world their home. They’ll be surrounding the crash site with camps, and it’s up to you to infiltrate them and take back your world! After spending some time with the Rebels, find these bases with the help of your Macrobinoculars.

You can also make Macrobinoculars yourself. Unlock the recipe by adding Plastoid to your inventory!

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Like the look of Imperial architecture? You can choose not to damage the camps, and keep them and their inhabitants beyond v29.40! The crash site will stay too so you can admire the remains of the Star Destroyer. (Or hey, you can destroy that too.)

Gear from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Are you civilized, or secretly on the dark side? Whatever your answer, different-colored Lightsabers are waiting for you in your world! You don’t get these in LEGO Fortnite by crafting them. Instead, you’ll unlock yours by helping the Rebels build up their Village! With your Lightsaber in-hand, you can collect even more.

Lightsabers are powerful tools in LEGO Fortnite. In fact, they’re so powerful they need time to recharge after combat. Use them when the time is right!

The Rebel Adventure is Building
Just by assisting the Rebels, you can make progress in the LEGO Pass: Rebel Adventure. This Pass has unlockable in-game rewards like the “Tatooine Turret and Tanks Bundle,” “Mos Eisley Blue Milk Bar Bundle,” and more!

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Heads-up! The LEGO Pass: Rebel Adventure is available to progress in until July 23, 2024, at 8 AM ET. Its free rewards, premium rewards, and Chewbacca Outfit reward are not exclusive to the Pass, and you may be able to purchase them in the Fortnite Shop at a later date.

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